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Ranchi apathy: Woman forced to eat food off the floor in Ranchi hospital

Perhaps India has not learnt a lesson from Dana Majhi, as the poor still continue to suffer on a dual front- one their own penury and other, the sorry state of affairs of our public healthcare system.

A woman in one of Ranchi’s biggest government hospital eats her food straight from the floor of a hospital ward, because there were no plates. Captured by newspaper Dainik Bhaskar, this horrific visual reflects the empty words promised at the beginning of each electoral term which cease to be mere words at the end of it too. The state’s biggest government hospital, the Ranchi Institute of Medical Sciences has an annual budget of ₹300 crore and still, Palmati Devi with her arms wrapped in a bandage had to eat her meal of rice, dal and vegetables off the floor.

Admitted in the orthopedic ward, Palmati Devi didn’t have her own plate and had asked for one, but was rudely told off by kitchen staff who said there were none available.

NDTV quoted, ”  BL Sherwal, the hospital’s Director, “It’s not a common practice but we have started an inquiry and will take action those who served the food on the floor and then forced her to eat from there.”

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