Remembering first Muslim president of Congress Badruddin Tyabji on his death anniversary

Remembering first Muslim president of Congress Badruddin Tyabji on his death anniversary

Badruddin Tyabji was the first Muslim president of Indian National Congress. He was selected as the third President of the Congress from 1887 to 1888 after WC Bannerjee and Dadabhai Naoroji (1886).

In 1895, he became the first Muslim judge of the Bombay High Court and third Indian to hold such a prestigious title. Born on October 10, 1844, Badruddin was also the first Indian to hold the post of Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court.

As we remember Badruddin Tyabji on his death anniversary today, here’s looking at some facts about him:

  • He was born in a well-reputed family in Bombay to Mullah Tyab Ali Bhai Mian, a member of the Sulaimani Bohra community, who motivated all his seven sons to get the best education in the world.
  • Taking inspiration from his elder brother, Camruddin, who was the first Indian solicitor admitted in England and Wales, Badruddin joined Newbury High Park College in London in 1860.
  • Further, he studied at the University of London and Middle Temple in 1863.
  • He came back to India in December 1867 and became the first Indian barrister in the High Court of Bombay.
  • In 1873, he was nominated to the Bombay Municipal Corporation.
  • Between 1875 and 1905, he served as a member of the University of Bombay senate.
  • From 1882 to 1886, he joined Bombay Legislative Council.
  • In 1885, he formed the Bombay Presidency Association along with Pherozeshah Mehta and Kashinath Trimbak Telang.
  • In 1885, he started working for the Indian National Congress.
  • In fact, Badruddin and his brother Camruddin were among the core team members of Congress, who have founded the party.
  • He founded the Islam Club and the Islam Gymkhana to promote social interaction of the Muslim community.
  • Badruddin introduced Resolution No. XIII at the 1888 Allahabad Congress to conciliate Muslims.
  • He had also spoken against the zenana system.
  • Badruddin founded the Indian Parliamentary Committee in England along with Naoriji and Bonnerjee in 1893.
  • He passed away in London in 1906 due to a heart attack.

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