Remembering Shammi Kapoor on his 8th death anniversary

Remembering Shammi Kapoor on his 8th death anniversary

Shammi Kapoor has given us classics like ‘Junglee’ and ‘Brahmachari’, he has been one of the finest actors that Bollywood has ever seen and also the heartthrob of his time.

Shammi Kapoor starred in over 50 movies as a lead and more than 20 movies as a supporting actor. He won the Filmfare for Best Actor for the movie ‘Brahmachari’ in 1969.

He was most famous for his dancing moves and was known as India’s Elvis Presley! Due to chronic renal failure, he passed away on 14 August 2011 but remains alive in our memories.

On his death anniversary, here’s looking at 5 lesser-known facts about the late actor:

  • Shammi’s father Prithviraj Kapoor and mother Ramsharani were deeply hurt that their two siblings after Raj Kapoor had passed away within a week and at the time Shammi was in the womb, they were scared.  He was the only child of his family who was delivered in the hospital.
  • Shammi had to leave school because of brother Raj Kapoor. Actually, the thing was that Shammi got the role of Bharat in Shakuntala drama in Prithvi Theaters. Raj Kapoor also had a big role in this drama but Raj was not getting discharged from school for rehearsal, so he left school after fighting his principal. But Shammi used to stay in the same school, so he also had to leave school.
  • A period in Shammi’s life also came when he left college and came home. Shammi came home and said sorry to his father. At the same time, Prithvi read Shammi’s mind and said, “No worries, son, join the theater from tomorrow”. He used to get 50 rupees for working in the theater.
  • Shammi had worked as a laborer in Papa’s theater and his father had never given him a star kid treatment. Because Shammi’s film career was as a child artist and during this time he got only 150 rupees a month.
  • Shammi was friends with many girls and her family members were well aware of this. There was a time when he used to date a belly dancer from abroad, but both of them broke up after a while.

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