RSS-backed organization to hold seminar claiming Ram never sent Sita to exile

RSS-backed organization to hold seminar claiming Ram never sent Sita to exile

Akhil Bharatiya Itihas Sankalan Yojana, an RSS-backed organisation, claims that Lord Ram had never sent his wife, Goddess Sita, to exile.

In an attempt to remove all the false notions, the committee is planning to organise a seminar on the epic Ramayana in Gorakhpur in August this year. The seminar would be based on the historicity of Lord Ram and will hold talks on the global perspective and recognition of the deity.

The seminar would see people come from all across the country to discuss the Epic. Akhil Bharatiya Itihas Sankalan Yojna secretary, Bal Mukund, said  “There are approximately 3000 Ramayana written all over the world. People are writing it based on their perspective. We will portray Ram based on historical evidence and facts and remove misconceptions about him. Many people are trying to distort the real image of Ram. He is ‘Maryada Puroshottam’ for India and epitomises humanity for the world. He has been a modest son and a devoted husband, besides being a royal prince”.

“The seminar will try to clear all the false myth of Ram asking his wife Sita to sit on fire for the agni-pariksha. Agni- pariksha is only a phrase. It doesn’t mean that Ram had asked Sita to sit on fire. He had to get through it himself”, Mukund added.

He also said that Ram had not sent his wife into exile. “Non-believers of the Hindu mythology have added such false notions post Uttar Kand in Ramayana,” the secretary said.

Quoting Ram’s divinity, he said that Ram was a hero who “turned a rock into Ahilya and blessed her with social acceptance. He also respects Kiakeyi and Manthara. Being such a modest person, Ram could not have sent his pregnant wife to the jungle. We aim to bring out the real story of Ramayana through the seminar”, he concluded.

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