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From lynching to flood to infant deaths, here is India’s album for World Photography Day

From lynching to flood to infant deaths, here is India's album for World Photography Day

19 August is celebrated as World Photography Day. However, India this year witnessed a series of dire serious and painful incidents, whose photographs are not appropriate to mark the celebration of this day.

As a mark of our respect, Newsd presents to you some of the most hard-hitting and impactful photos of some incidents, that became issues of national importance and were highlighted worldwide.

These pictures certainly do not need a caption to boost their impact. A glance is enough to convey the right emotion.

Mob lynching

Mob lynchings became a serious issue in the country after clashes happened among various groups regarding eating and killing of beef in the country.

Gorakhpur tragedy

Around 105 children died in Gorakhpur’s state-run medical college due to shortage of oxygen supply. The tragedy happened in CM Yogi Adityanath’s citadel.

Cow slaughter

There have been numerous incidents in the name of cow violence in the country. As a result, cow slaughter became a highlighted issue, that was strongly criticised by the BJP and RSS.

Hafiz Junaid’s killing

Hafiz Junaid was stabbed to death by a group of men on a train, after he and his brothers were accused of being beef-eaters. This ignited the beef controversy in India.

Bihar floods

Floods have severely affected Bihar, where over 150 lives have been lost and damages worth crores are said to have been reported.

Independence Day

This picture went viral on Independence Day 2017. It depicts the true level of patriotism which surpassed all obstacles in the flood-hit state of Assam.