RSS leader Indresh Kumar holds Western culture responsible for rapes in India
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RSS leader Indresh Kumar holds Valentine’s day responsible for rapes in India

While addressing RSS volunteers on Friday, RSS leader, Indresh Kumar, said that Valentine’s Day is responsible for rapes and physical violence in India. He also said that the celebration of this day leads to illegitimate children and increased violence against women.

He blamed the western culture for marring the purity of love, which is considered sacred in Indian culture. He also added that Valentine’s day has become commercialised not only in India but all across the world.

He also quoted great legends of love from history like Lord Krishna- Radha, Laila-Majnu and Heer- Ranjha. Kumar added that Valentine’s day is a culture of the West, which has led to an increase in rapes and other kinds of violence against women.

Kumar added that RSS ‘purifies the soul’ of the people and they become disciplined beings in life. “People are enlightened, which leads to the development of society and the country”, he said.

Kumar added, “RSS vows to remove such evils from the society by fighting against untouchability and casteism.” He also condemned the moves of the stone-pelters in Kashmir, saying that they lack faith and virtues.

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