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Science says that starting work before 10am is synonymous to torment

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Do you know why an average American consumes over 3 cups of coffee every single day and spends over 40 billion dollars a year on coffee? Just to try and keep themselves as alert as they possibly can!

There is a little something that effects a huge number of people but have gone unnoticed until, Dr. Paul Kelley came to a conclusion with his latest research. Paul, a researcher from Oxford University has recently discovered that the most usual form of modern day torture is to wake up and start work before 10 o’clock in the morning.

As we start work before 10 am every day, we are scientifically torturing our bodies through something unnaturally interfering with our Circadian Rhythm. The cardiac rhythm is our body clock which regulates our brain activity, energy levels, hormone production and perception of time. As we convince ourselves to work before 10, we disrupt the natural cardiac rhythm of our body, changing the pattern of how our heart, liver, lungs or brain works.

This is a modern era problem as the 8 hour shift schedule was only introduced in the 20th century completely ignoring the natural cycles and patterns of our body. Unlike the work pattern in ancient times which generally was dependent on the sun cycle and not optimization of labour.

As Dr. Paul test-run his new idea on schools in Britain, he insisted that the school must begin at 10:00 AM instead of 8:30 AM. The result of his idea was out of the world. Not only were the attendance of the pupils more regular but their grades also drastically increased in unison.

The companies which enforce their employees to start their day before 10, are in fact causing a great amount of emotional and physical, stress and discontentment in their lives. They are also contributing to adverse health risk as a result of unhealthy work schedules. If employees, instead of working at odd shifts and overdosing on caffeine, could get ample amount of sleep, they eliminate the fatigue and restore the natural order. Sufficient amount of sleep is directly proportional to having a man more productive than ever and naturally happy.

This article might be very comforting for the lazy ones but thankfully it’s real! If we look at the larger picture, the implementation of this idea would rather be beneficial for all the sectors.