Shimla Summer Festival 2019: Date, venue and activities at this celebration
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Shimla Summer Festival 2019: Date, venue and activities at this celebration

Summer vacations call for going on hill stations to spend the gateway and one of the popular tourist spots in Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. It sees frequent visitors throughout the summer season.

Every year, a Shimla Summer Festival is organized here which is one hyped event that celebrates the season. The festival will be held from 2 June 2019 to June 7, 2019. It is a 5-day event that holds different programs like musical performances, cultural attractions, local exhibitions along with some fun activities.

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Date and Venue of Shimla Summer Festival 2019

Like every year, this festival is held in the month of May or June. This year it begins from June 2 and goes till June 7. The festival will take place at the Ridge in Shimla. The Ridge is an open space located in the middle of this hill city. The place is easily accessible, as the main shopping center is located here.

Shimla Summer Festival celebration

The festival begins with a lovely display of flower show. It is when the natural beauty and exotic flowers of the region are shown. The locals plan special programs which depict their cultural lives. There is a song and dance routine that takes place and more than this, they offer their prayers to God for a good harvest.

It is also the best time to shop here as a lot of artists come out to display their creative things. There are competitions organized for school children as well. It is indeed a stage for everyone to show their talent.

Other events that are organized here include a photography competition, poster-making competition, fashion show, etc. The Shimla Summer Festival is so renowned that it sees tourists coming in specially to be a part of this fun and festive atmosphere.

Shimla Summer Festival Tickets

This fun event is a non-ticketed event so anyone who is present here can attend it. people can enjoy watching the performances and enjoy their time shopping from all the amazing stalls.


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