A simple punch tumbles wall of Rs 3 crore home, Lodha sends notice to take down video

A simple punch tumbles wall of Rs 3 crore flat, Lodha sends notice to take down video

Mumbai: Video of a man punching a wall which resulted in the cracking of it has now gone viral on the internet. The clip was uploaded by Krishnaraj Rao, activist and friend of home owner, Shilpi Thard.

Thard has being for months uploading videos with her friend showing the low quality of her home at New Cuffe Parade, established in Wadala’s Lodha Group complex. The material details of the wall was revealed when she authorized an architect to give the apartment a check. It was established that the walls are made from gypsum board also called drywall.

The duo has been posting videos regarding the incident from November last year. On 9 January 2019, Shilpi in a notice was asked by representatives of Lodha group to remove the first video they had uploaded regarding the case titled “How safe are Lodha’s NCP flats against burglars?”.

Talking to a media website, Shilpi had said, “When I got it checked by an architect, the expert pointed out that the walls lack sturdiness, durability and are susceptible to water seepage.”

“I received a notice from the developer to pull down the video, Shilpa said.

“When I tapped on it(gypsum made walls), it sounded hollow, and when I banged on it, it broke. Will the wall even support my shelves?”, the homeowner added.

In the latest video(published on January 13) that is now viral, Rao can be seen breaking the wall with minimal efforts. He then describes the contents of the wall, saying, “It is anything but water resistance.” While talking about the strength of the insulation in the wall, he said, “if I had a dog, he’ll probably go through it.”

Two days later, Rao had posted another video in which he was stopped from entering the apartment even though he was accompanied by the house owner Shilpi herself.

Meanwhile the spokesperson for the Lodha Group had said, “We welcome these so-called unhappy residents to approach the court. We received extortion demands from two individuals who are behind the WhatsApp video.”


Shilpi attained the possession of the apartment in February, 2018.

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