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SKYWARN™ Recognition Day 2023: History, FAQs, Dates, Activities, and Facts About weather forecasting

Life and property could be severely damaged by such meteorological conditions. A pre-alert provided by an SKYWARNTM volunteer aids in the reduction of fatalities.

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SKYWARN™ Recognition Day 2023 History, FAQs, Dates, Activities, and Facts About weather forecasting

SKYWARNTM Recognition Day 2023: On the initial Saturday of December, specifically December 2 this year, SKYWARNTM Recognition Day is observed to pay tribute to the tireless efforts of amateur radio operators who provide timely information regarding severe weather phenomena such as cyclones, tornadoes, and high winds. Such meteorological conditions could severely harm both life and property. A pre-alert provided by an SKYWARNTM volunteer aids in the reduction of fatalities. The volunteers represent a wide range of backgrounds and spheres of life. In order to provide precise weather reports, they have undergone specialized training from the National Weather Service (N.W.S.). Therefore, if the weather outside affects your daily plans, turn to the radio for updates on the weather patterns that SKYWARNTM volunteers are describing.

SKYWARNTM Recognition Day History

In 1999, the inaugural SKYWARNTM Recognition Day was celebrated. The N.W.S. and the American Radio Relay League (A.R.R.L.) jointly developed it. It was determined by the two organizations that the day would be observed on the initial Saturday of each December. The primary mission of the N.W.S., an agency of the United States government, is to provide reports on both typical and atypical weather phenomena. Warnings and emergencies are issued in anticipation of severe weather conditions. N.W.S., an organization based in Maryland, Washington, holds the belief that safeguarding individuals from the detrimental effects of inclement weather is their duty. The agency gathers its data from over 120 offices dispersed throughout the nation.

Another entity that assists the NWS in receiving and reporting accurate weather conditions is the American Radio Relay League (ARRL). It was established as the preeminent non-profit organization representing amateur radio devotees in 1914. Hiram Maxim and Clarence Tuska, the co-founders, were both affiliated with the radio agency. Their mutual interest in the field motivated them to establish A.R.R.L. as a platform to provide opportunities for individuals from outside the field who wished to make valuable contributions.

The organization offers its members technical training, education, sponsorships, and support. A significant number of its members have subsequently volunteered as SKYWARNTM reporters for the National Weather Service. Membership in the A.R.R.L. is not restricted to the United States, as over 7,000 of the 161,000 members are from other nations. The organization publishes a specialized journal titled “QST” and hosts a number of conventions. Each year, approximately 290,000 individuals report meteorological anomalies. These reports have contributed to mitigating the overall damage, thereby enabling organizations and individuals to achieve cost savings.

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FAQs for SKYWARNTM Recognition Day

What is Recognition Day for SKYWARNTM?

N.S.W. and A.R.R.L. established SKYWARNTM Recognition Day to honor the contributions and efforts of all SKYWARNTM volunteers who provide updates on adverse weather conditions.

What does SKYWARNTM mean in the context of ham radio?

Local amateur radio correspondents observe the patterns and report them to the N.S.W. prior to the occurrence of a severe storm. The ham radio transmissions they receive function as the initial barrier against such meteorological phenomena.

How do I obtain the observer number for SKYWARNTM?

To obtain the spotter number, one should make contact with the local warning coordination meteorologist. This individual can assist you in locating the spotter-related information that you seek. Additionally, they have the capability to provide you with updates regarding any SKYWARNTM classes that are currently underway.

SKYWARNTM Recognition Day 2023 Activities

Become a volunteer for SKYWARNTM

Volunteering with SKYWARNTM would provide the opportunity to commemorate the occasion to the fullest extent. N.W.S. issues annual invitations for volunteers to participate in special education and training programs in preparation for their duty to the nation.

Gratitude to SKYWARNTM volunteers

Your inability to offer your time as a volunteer for weather forecasting is acceptable. One may still observe the day by expressing gratitude towards the volunteers of SKYWARNTM. Express your gratitude while presenting them with a donut or a cup of coffee or tea.

Discover the history of weather forecasting.

Weather forecasting has undergone significant advancements, both in terms of technological implementation and the manner in which it is conveyed. Investigate the methods by which meteorologists from various global regions have delivered their reports over the course of history.

Five weather forecasting facts that will astound you

Pinecone for damp conditions

When uncertain as to whether precipitation is imminent, one may consult the scales of a pinecone for guidance, as they will presumably contract in anticipation of damp conditions.

Forecasts for the short term are more precise.

A daily weather forecast is more precise due to the highly unpredictable nature of the weather, in contrast to a forecast that provides conditions for the upcoming months.

A ‘bust’ refers to inaccurate information.

“Failure” is the term used by industry professionals to refer to a weather forecaster’s inaccurate prediction.

The models are imprecise.

Weather models generated through computational algorithms are susceptible to error due to the nature of their prognostications.

The destruction caused by the media

As increased public engagement with weather conditions corresponds to “bigger” and “worse” conditions, numerous weather agencies have been compelled to “predict” weather conditions incorrectly in an effort to earn the maximum possible television rating points or clicks.


Year Date Day
2023 December 2 Saturday
2024 December 7 Saturday
2025 December 6 Saturday


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