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Sonu Nigam’s azaan row: Here’s what Irrfan Khan has to say

Sonu Nigam has been in the news for his tweet on the azaan playing through loudspeaker; Bollywood was quick to respond to this entire controversy. Recently, Irrfan Khan was asked to react on the Sonu Nigam azaan controversy. To this he said “The loudspeaker matter is a big one. We will have to first think that are we, as a society, really so sensitive when it comes to sound? Are we sensitive about sound in other places? When there is a noisy discotheque near a hospital, do we talk about it then? If somebody has a problem with something then we should tackle all other problems related to the whole matter.”

Irrfan in his comment did a comparison on how other countries are tackling the noise pollution issue. “In other countries there are certain restrictions when it comes to car horns, this is because people are very sensitive to sound or noise of any kind,” he said.

He also pointed out that, if people have problem with noise in one place then other places should also be questioned. “First of all, we will have to figure out what is the actual factor that is causing a certain person so much stress related to the sound of a loudspeaker,” Irrfan added.

Irrfan Khan on the work front is busy promoting his next, Hindi medium. The film will release on May 19.

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