SpaceX Falcon Heavy set to launch for Air Force on June 22

SpaceX Falcon Heavy set to launch for Air Force on June 22

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy is all set to launch for its third-ever launch on June 22. It will be carrying 24 payloads for the U.S. Air Force and other government clients from the launch complex 39 A that is at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

This will be the first time the U.S. military will use a Falcon Heavy rocket and will reuse the two boosters that launched Falcon Heavy Arabsat-6A mission in April.

As per the announcement by Air Force, the launch is among the most challenging launches in the history of SpaceX with four separate upper stage engine burns, three separate deployment orbits, and a final propulsive passivation maneuver during the total mission duration of over six hours.

The mission is known as STP-2 will carry a broad range of science and technology experiments and demonstrations. Also, the various satellites will provide data on weather forecasting, environmental monitoring, communications, and other topics.

The Air Force said that the military will evaluate the launch to eye for the future missions that rely on SpaceX’s reusable boosters.

Falcon Heavy is essentially three smaller Falcon 9 rockets strapped together. In that configuration, it is the tallest and most powerful rocket in use today.

So far the third booster that will be launched will be targeting the barge n the Atlantic Oceans for its landing.

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