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Special Operations Forces Day 2024 (Russia): History, FAQs, Activities, and Dates

Special Operations Forces Day 2024 in Russia, instituted by Putin in 2015, honors military entities responsible for unconventional missions domestically and internationally.

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Special Operations Forces Day 2024 (Russia) History, FAQs, Activities, and Dates

Special Operations Forces Day 2024 (Russia): The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation observe Special Operations Forces Day annually on February 27. Putin, the president at the time, instituted it in 2015. Special Forces, or Special Operations Forces, are military entities tasked with conducting unconventional missions domestically and internationally. The modern iteration of Special Operations Forces debuted during the early twentieth century. In the twenty-first century, special forces comprise the armed forces of numerous nations.

Special Operations Forces Day History

The Russian Federation’s special operations forces (SOF) are tactical special forces that report to the General Staff of the Special Operations Forces Authority. It is also an independent and systemic branch of the armed forces. In 2009, as part of the ongoing military reform in Russia initiated in 2008, the initial elements of the Special Operations Forces were transferred from the GRU. Operating in both domestic and international environments, they execute designated missions while consistently geared toward combat readiness.

The Special Operations Forces Authority was established in 2012, and Chief of General Staff Valery Gerasimov proclaimed its existence in March 2013. The SOF was established as a strategic asset to safeguard the objectives of the Russian Federation through elite special operations, primarily international interventions such as counter-proliferation and international internal defense operations, as well as the execution of the most complex special operations and clandestine missions.

The SOF is distinct from the Spetsnaz GRU, which was previously subordinate to the Primary Intelligence Directorate until 2010. The precise nature of its subsequent subordination remained uncertain until 2013, when the decision was reversed and special forces units of the GRU were redirected to GRU divisions and reestablished under GRU jurisdiction. The Russian Special Operations Force (S.O.F.) is exclusively manned by contract personnel, who are all regular soldiers and senior officers serving full-time.

President Vladimir Putin reportedly unofficially proclaimed February 27 Special Operations Forces Day on February 26, 2015, in observance of the establishment of Russian authority over the building housing the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in Simferopol, Crimea, on February 27, 2014. This declaration was made public via multiple Russian official news agencies.

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FAQs for Special Operations Forces Day

Which unit is the most privileged among special forces?

SEAL Team 6, formerly referred to as the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU), and Delta Force, formerly known as 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, are the most highly trained elite forces in the United States military.

Precisely what is the Russian S.S.O.?

Special operations forces (S.S.O.) are tactical special forces that report to the Russian Federation’s General Staff’s Special Operations Forces Command.

Are special operations and special forces interchangeable terms?

Contrary to what is commonly believed, these two concepts are not synonymous. Special Operations Forces comprise all entities operating under the auspices of the United States Special Operations Command, which includes the Army’s Green Berets, also referred to as Special Forces.

Special Operations Forces Day 2024 (Russia) Activities

Observe a patriotic motion picture or program

Political films and television programs provide both information and entertainment for those wanting to learn about the history and accomplishments of a nation. An in-depth understanding of the history and military of Russia can be obtained through the viewing of a patriotic television program.

Contribute to social media

Observe the national holiday of Russia across social media platforms. Share your celebration-oriented posts with family and acquaintances.

Keep in mind those who have died.

A moment of remembrance should be given to the fallen Russian servicemen who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their nation. Contribute to organizations that assist the bereaved families of Russian servicemen.


Year Date Day
2024 February 27 Tuesday
2025 February 27 Thursday
2026 February 27 Friday
2027 February 27 Saturday
2028 February 27 Sunday