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Stick Out Your Tongue Day 2023 (US): Date, History, Significance, Facts

Even sticking your tongue out at the doctor's office is not frowned upon

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Stick Out Your Tongue Day 2023

Stick Out Your Tongue Day 2023: Stick Your Tongue Out Day is annually observed on July 19. We have all displayed our tongues in playful conversation. Did you know that in Tibet, sticking out one’s tongue is considered a courteous greeting, whereas in many cultures it is considered rude and childish? Even sticking your tongue out at the doctor’s office is not frowned upon, as they examine your pharynx for potential infections.


The tongue is a vital organ that consists of a group of muscles that function independently of the skeleton. The tongue is predominantly responsible for taste and for detecting potential infections or diseases. Additionally, it helps to naturally clean the dentition, enables human speech, and facilitates animal vocalisation. Stick Your Tongue Out Day is a unique celebration honouring this vital organ.

Stick Out Your Tongue Day is celebrated annually in July, primarily in the United States; however, the origin of this odd holiday remains unknown. There are various explanations for the significance of this day. While some believe it encourages people to visit the doctor, others view it as an opportunity to playfully poke fun at an unsuspecting person. Several people believe that sticking one’s tongue out at someone is extremely impolite and a sign of disdain. Nevertheless, infants stick out their tongues as a sign of silliness. Frequently, sticking your tongue out can also be an automatic response when performing duties requiring intense concentration.

There may be a variety of reasons for this day, but since its inception, it has been celebrated by a large number of people because it brings levity to our otherwise serious lives.


Extend your tongue

Have you yearned to simply protrude your tongue, as you did as a child? Well, Stick Out Your Tongue Day is the only day you can do this and participate in the festivities.

Visit the physician

At the doctor’s office, sticking out your tongue is entirely acceptable. So, if you have been delaying a vital examination, today is your cue. Visit your doctor for a checkup in order to take preventative measures against illness.

Attempt a challenging endeavour.

It is difficult to stick out your tongue because it is contrary to western social conventions. On this day, step outside of your comfort zone and do something insane that you normally wouldn’t.


Flexible tissue

Although the tongue is not the most powerful muscle, it is the most flexible and appears in a variety of shapes.

Taste receptors on the tongue

On average, the tongues of adults contain between 2,000 and 4,000 taste receptors.

Health parameter

As a health indicator, the tongue can reveal urinary tract infections, constipation, insomnia, and other conditions.

Unique tongue print

Similar to fingerprints, the tongue impression is unique to each individual.

Tongue longest

The longest tongue recorded by Guinness World Records measures 3.97 inches.

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Stick Out Your Tongue Day 2023: DATES

Year Date Day
2023 July 19 Wednesday
2024 July 19 Friday
2025 July 19 Saturday
2026 July 19 Sunday
2027 July 19 Monday