Strangest Video on Internet today: Baby birth nail art goes viral!

Strangest Video on internet today: Baby birth nail art goes viral!

Fashion or manicure disasters are quite common these days but a Bizarre clip of nail art of baby birth is the strangest thing on the internet that is going viral.

Russian nail artist Nail Sunny on Instagram shared the video that shows unique nail art featuring a woman, made of gel, giving birth in a hospital gown. A technician reaches under the woman’s gown to pull out a ‘baby’, cut its umbilical cord and place it with its mother in the bizarre clip.


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?Baby birth ?? -❤️ or ? ? Video by @edo_movs #nailsunnytutorial

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The video has gained over 5 Lakhs views on Instagram and over 2 million views on Twitter since it’s release. Not only this the video has gained thousands of mixed reactions through the comments and tweets.

Earlier also nail artist Nail Sunny has shared surprising nail art posts of egg manicure and orange nail art.

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