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Greater awareness of Aadhaar linking risks, mitigation needed: ICERT

You can now correct PAN and Aadhaar details errors online

In order to ensure security, the IT department has launched an online facility to correct errors in names and other details in permanent account number (PAN) and Aadhaar document. Additionally, to make the process of Aadhaar linking hassle-free, the department has also put two separate hyperlinks on its e-filing website.[Read More…]

130 million Aadhaar numbers were leaked, says reports

Soon after centre proposed Aadhaar to be mandatory identification proof, cases of Aadhaar number leaks has surfaced which throws the security of information of many Indians under question. In fact, most incidents revealed the personally identifiable information of beneficiaries or subjects of the leaked databases containing Aadhaar numbers of individuals[Read More…]

Hilarious AadhaarMemes to clear your doubts on privacy

While Supreme Court has clearly mentioned Aadhaar cannot be made mandatory for welfare schemes, Centre is on the move to make Aadhaar as the only identity card in future. Now, the Big Brother can even control a primary school kid’s mid-day meal. Ranging from financial transactions, beneficiary schemes and educations,[Read More…]

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