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Explosion near embassies in Kabul: 40 feared killed

A massive explosion rocked the German embassy in Kabul during the morning rush hour on Wednesday. At least 40 people are feared killed or injured after a car-bomb exploded. As the Indian, and US embassies are also near to the location of the explosion in the Afghan capital’s diplomatic enclave,[Read More…]

15 killed in a blast in Somalia

A powerful bomb blast through a car bomb in a busy market in the western part of Somalia’s capital killed at least 15 people. The incident took place  Mogadishu’s Madina district today. The bomb injured more than 10 people and causalities may rise said the police.  No group has yet[Read More…]

Dallas shootout: Local media says lone sniper dead

Local media channels are reporting that the last suspect, who was engaged in a gun-battle with policemen, has been killed. Previously, the sniper had said he has hidden bombs “all over the city”. Five officers have been killed and several injured in the exchange that erupted during a peaceful protest[Read More…]

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