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Here’s to one day of your patriotism!

India is set to mark its 70th independence day and who else can be prouder than its very own countrymen. Waves of patriotism are felt especially on this big day. Every corner– offices, markets, roads, vehicle, and almost everything is submerged in tricolour. Irrespective of their caste, creed, community, people[Read More…]

PM Modi embarrasses himself with another ‘false claim’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi committed a faux pas in his Independence Day speech. If the length of the speech wasn’t enough, the content has become a controversial subject of discussion. Talking about his claims of success in bringing electricity to more and more villages Modi said on Monday, “Out of[Read More…]

India-Pakistan tug-of-war involves J&K and Balochistan

The Congress has openly supported Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statements against Pakistan, where he raised the Balochistan and Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir issues to counter its stance on Jammu and Kashmir and the on-going unrest. In 2009, India and Pakistan—Prime Ministers Manmohan Singh and Yusuf Raza Gilani—signed a joint declaration at Sharm-el-Sheikh, which said that[Read More…]

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