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Here’s to one day of your patriotism!

By Radha Mishra
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India is set to mark its 70th independence day and who else can be prouder than its very own countrymen. Waves of patriotism are felt especially on this big day. Every corner– offices, markets, roads, vehicle, and almost everything is submerged in tricolour. Irrespective of their caste, creed, community, people of all ages and sects can be seen waving the Indian flag in pride and honour.

Flags are observed everywhere, often beautifying shops, vehicles, homes, schools, colleges, gardens, terraces etc. While it is an absolutely great way to celebrate Independence Day with hoisting flags, the fate of these national flag next morning is rather a disheartening. The sight of stamped and torn flags scattered on streets after 15th August and 26th January really puts our ‘respect’ for this country in question and ‘sense of pride’ in serious doubts.

On days succeeding these national holidays, the pride-giving national flag, merely turns into a piece of paper, litter or garbage. It’s strange how the same flag which was pride a day before becomes trash the very next day.

Is respecting the national flag limited only to 15th August and 26th January? Is our wave of patriotism so temporary?

Selling flags made out of paper and plastic has become a trend these days. People buy it as it is very cheap and easily accessible. But, it seems that with the end of Independence Day, our patriotism also fades away as these flags can be seen loitering on roads, gutter, dustbin and all over the places.

Well, one has to realize that the Tricolor is not just another piece of coloured paper, but a symbol of national respect, dignity and pride. It deserves a much better treatment and if we don’t respect our flag then who will?

Patriotism for a day is probably not the amount of respect we should be paying to a thousand of martyrs who earned freedom for our country, if you can’t keep the flame burning for the rest of the year.  There are thousands of ways to celebrate Independence Day and show patriotism than just hoisting flags and throwing it the next day.

It’s high time to look for better respectful ways. Happy Independence Day!


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