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Rahul Gandhi to visit coastal Karnataka from Tuesday

The man everyone loves to hate

We have made fun of him, his incompetence and general reluctance to take responsibility. But keep that aside for a bit and think about what kind of a traumatic childhood he has had. Age 5 – Emergency is declared Age 10 – Uncle dies in a plane crash Age 14[Read More…]

We can fight Modi wave; PM not like Indira: Sonia

Without naming any leader, Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Monday said that the party has a leader to compete with Narendra Modi. “I don’t agree that Congress party does not have a leader to compete with Narendra Modi,” Sonia Gandhi told in an interview to India Today. I don’t agree[Read More…]

Protests after Indira Gandhi statue covered with burqa in Uttar Pradesh

Indira Gandhi – The first politician of India

Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi – probably India’s most ruthless politician, one who truly understood the ethos of power politics. Being the only child to the then Prime Minister, she grew up as playing among the circles of power. Born Indira Nehru in a Kashmiri Pandit family on 19 November 1917 in[Read More…]

Women in Politics: Rising in spite of sexism

Recent fact sheet in India Today magazine had some noteworthy facts. It noted that while not even 30 % of world’s lawmakers are women, in India the number is even lower,  just about 12%. After 60 odd years of one of the largest and most vibrant democracy these numbers come[Read More…]

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