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The man everyone loves to hate

We all love to hate Rahul Gandhi

By Newsd
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Rahul Gandhi to visit coastal Karnataka from Tuesday
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We have made fun of him, his incompetence and general reluctance to take responsibility. But keep that aside for a bit and think about what kind of a traumatic childhood he has had.

Age 5 – Emergency is declared

Age 10 – Uncle dies in a plane crash

Age 14 – Grandmother is murdered by her own bodyguards.

(After which he was taken out of school and home-schooled. Fear & paranoia reigns supreme in his family.)

Age 21 – Father is blown up by a bomb. Couldn’t even see the body because it was mutilated beyond recognition.

(Paranoia within the family intensifies and he is shipped off to study abroad with an anonymous name: Raul Vinci)


And all these events are being talked about across the world. “Tragedy strikes India’s most powerful family… yet again!”

His life was crappy. Period. I can’t even imagine growing up in an environment like this. If I were him, I would give a limb just to be able to escape to the Himalayas and become a humble anonymous farmer somewhere.

RG was always at the wrong place at the wrong time. He probably still looks over his shoulder from time-to-time, trying to figure out if a random man on the street is an assassin out to kill him.

He was born in a dynasty and that is how the world works. Dynasties are way to perpetuate power. “Interested parties” that are interested in maintaining long term power KNOW that politicians die. Or they lose elections. So they want to ensure long term power by banking on dynasties.

Qualification and abilities mean zilch when it comes to passing on power from the king to the prince. As long as the prince knows what to do when the interested parties come calling, it’s good enough.

By 2014, the Gandhi family had had its run. The benefactors moved away, rightfully anticipating that it’s time they banked on someone else. That they shift power to some other leader.

And Rahul Gandhi struggled to keep up. To gain back that power because that is what his family has done for generations! In his traumatic early days, he was probably also trained to take up leadership one day. Everyone around him whispered in his ear, “You will be the king one day.”

How did his brain respond when people told him that?


I don’t think so.

It probably told him…


Next time you think about hating Rahul Gandhi, do remember that you are hating a paranoid, scared and mortally afraid human being.

A human being who is constantly reminded that his only redemption in life is to end up on the high throne.

A human being who probably doesn’t want that shitty life for himself.


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