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How it can boost Indian economy after Section 377 could cost India $26 billion a year

Here’s how ‘Pink Money’ can boost India’s economy after Section 377 got scrapped

India has possibly been throwing away more than $26 billion a year when it continued to marginalise the LGBTQIA+ community.  However, now that the Supreme Court has decriminalised homosexuality with the rainbow flags flying high, Indian markets could benefit from the vast spending power of the queer community. The remarkable judgement[Read More…]

Malaysia defends contest on how to ‘prevent’ homosexuality

On Saturday, Malaysia’s health ministry kept its decision to host a contest on how to “prevent” homosexuality and transgenderism by saying that the competition was directed at assisting teens to make better health decisions. Activists had criticised this competition by saying that it could evoke hatred and violence against lesbian,[Read More…]

IDAHOT aims to stimulate interest in LGBT rights

Every year, May 17th is celebrated as International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. Though some countries in the world have decriminalised the LGBT rights, there are some nations that still do not view homosexuality in a favourable light. The basic aim of this day is to stimulate interest in LGBT[Read More…]

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