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44 killed in California wildfires

San Francisco: The three raging wildfires in California have killed 44 people since it started last week, a record number of deaths from a wildfire in the US state, officials said. Of the 44 people killed, 42 died in Northern California’s Camp Fire, while two others were killed in the[Read More…]

North Korea's hydrogen bomb test quakes leaders' globally

North Korea suspends nuclear, missile tests

Seoul: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has announced the immediate suspension of nuclear and missile tests, media reports said on Saturday. “From April 21, North Korea will stop nuclear tests and launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles,” Efe quoted Kim as saying. North Korea will also “shut down a nuclear test[Read More…]

First article of impeachment filed against Donald Trump

First article of impeachment filed against Donald Trump

After 6 months of Trump’s presidency, a Democratic representative has introduced the first article of impeachment against President Donald Trump. Democrat Brad Sherman of California has become the first US lawmaker to formally file an article of impeachment against the President. However,  his effort is likely to stall in the[Read More…]

Donald Trump starts a Twitter quiz on covfefe

Much before America was on the path to ‘become great again’, Freud pointed out a century ago that humour offers us a healthy means of coping with life stress. And Trump is totally proving him right! Last night in Washington DC, when the President of United States, Donald Trump tweeted:[Read More…]

Dog takes bullet to save handler’s life in USA

It’s true that dogs have hijacked the human bonding system, but it’s not always because they are cute. You fur-babies are as loyal as the nativity their eyes reflect. Proving that dogs are man’s best friends, a bomb-sniffing dog took a bullet through his body in an attempt to save[Read More…]

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