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Happy Thanksgiving Day? No thanks – “The genocidal history” of the holiday

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While the nation of the United States will be drowned in celebrating Thanksgiving Day on the 22nd November(the fourth Thursday of November), in another parallel United States, Native Americans will be holding mourn, a protest organized since 1970.

In 1637, which is regarded as the first instance of a Thanksgiving Day “celebration”, actually happened as the aftermath of a massacre. John Winthrop, Massachusetts Colony Governor called for such a feast to mark the safe passage of his troop of heavily armed hunters. The troop had just returned after murdering as many as 700 Pequot Indians. The Pequot were, as documented, ironically celebrating the annual Green Harvest Festival.

Though the Day of Mourning is not known to manyit holds immense significance to a group called United American Indians of New England(UAINE). The group meets at Cole Hill’s Plymouth Rock every year. On the fourth Thursday of November, members of UAINE gather here to remember the lost souls.

The group organises it in order to educate people regarding the misrepresentation of Native America. What is considered to be a festival to mark the camaraderie between the pilgrims who immigrated and the Native Americans is actually as told by many a mere fabrication.

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The modern festival as we see today actually started with a clash of fundamental values. Unlike Thanksgiving Day which can be seen commemorated across the globe with much glee, the true history of the day, involving deaths of hundreds, remains still unheard and unread by many.


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