Tamil Nadu: Man applies for bail in minor’s rape case, his wife opposes plea
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Tamil Nadu: Man applies for bail in minor’s rape case, his wife opposes plea

In a ghastly incidence where a 37-year-old man accused in a POSCO case was arrested after he raped, blackmailed a minor girl over a period of four years in Tamil Nadu, applied a bail petition but that has been opposed by his wife at the court.

Wife of the accused, Latha submitted a petition before the court on Tuesday and stated that her husband was involved in the sexual harassment of several women.

The accused, Radhakrishnan was arrested after the victim’s family initially filed by the victim’s family at an all-women police station.  The young victim accused the man of taking obscene videos of her, rapping and blackmailing her. Reportedly, the man abused the girl for the last 4 years. As per a report by a media portal, the man allegedly forced her to go in for abortion twice. He has also threatened to release video of her is she spoke against him.

Following this, a second complaint was filed on May 2 by the accused wife in which she has alleged that he had raped her many times. This report prompted the police to probe the matter simultaneously.

Amid this situation also the man went to the court to apply for the bail. However, his wife filed a petition to oppose it as she was not happy with the way the case was being handled.

“He has done this to several women and only if they come out and report it, the case will grow bigger. He takes sexual videos and photos and I have heard several women say this. But police are saying that there is no evidence,” she told the media. Latha also said that she was filed for divorce after learning of her husband’s activities. “Police are not handling the case properly. Affected women are being sent away or threatened. My husband has asked for bail but as a woman, I have opposed it,” she added.

The probe into the matter is still on and the police didn’t share any further information as the case involved a minor.

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