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This viral video of Puducherry CM Narayanasamy is receiving huge applaud from everyone

This viral going video of Puducherry Chief Minister Narayanasamy cleaning the blockage of a choked sewage is receiving huge appreciation from everyone including PM Narendra Modi. It is also called a sharp contrast to politicians who simply poses with brooms in front of cameras at almost clean or barely dirty roads for publicity. This video has come as a shock where the CM steps barefoot into a drain to clean the blockage and spends around ten minutes cleaning it with the help of a spade.

Chief Minister Narayanasamy himself shared this video from his Twitter handle which was later shared by many and started to make rounds on social media platforms. He was doing this under Prime Minister’s clean India movement, ‘Swachhata Hi Seva’ Abhiyan.

Even Prime Minister Modi could not keep himself from appreciating the Chief Minister for his courage and dedication. PM Modi Tweeted, “Narayanasamy Ji, kudos to you for leading from the front and inspiring others to strengthen the movement to clean India.”

According to reports, Narayanasamy had gone to the market area of Saram constituency, Nellithope on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi on 2nd October. He had gone there with his team of officials from Puducherry municipality and other departments to launch the mass cleaning campaign.

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However, the CM happened to spot a clogged open drain on the Kamaraj Salai near the market area and ordered his officials to fetch a spade and cleaning gloves from the municipal workers. Not thinking about who will think what about him over this action, he prepared to launch himself into the block drain.

“We were taken aback but he insisted that he clear the block. People in position merely pass directions and do not set an example. Our CM and even our education minister set examples. Our detractors will call it a publicity stunt. We are not bothered about it,” said a party functionary.

Narayanasamy folded his white dhoti, pulled the gloves, took off his footwear and landed into the drain barefoot. It took him ten minutes to clean the blockage and clear the flow of the drain.


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