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Torrents Day 2024: Date, History, Activities and Facts

Torrenting is the process of distributing torrent files, which are computer files that contain an index of a file's components.

By Sanya Oberoi
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Torrents Day

Torrents Day 2024: Torrents Day is observed annually on March 30 across the nation. This day is designated to honour torrenting, torrent websites such as Kickass Torrents, and the robust community that has developed around torrenting. People commemorate Torrents Day by downloading and sharing as much information as possible. Despite the fact that torrenting is not illegal, it is frequently associated with illegal activities despite being a fantastic method to share files over the internet. It is an excellent method for sharing large files for a variety of purposes, from software to copy-free media.


Torrents Day is annually observed on March 30. People across the country commemorate this day by torrenting and sharing files over the internet and by celebrating torrenting websites such as Kickass Torrents, which provide a space for people to share everything from software to music to videos.

Torrenting is the process of distributing torrent files, which are computer files that contain an index of a file’s components. Then, a torrent reader is able to read this file, connect to the internet and to other individuals who have the file, and download tiny portions of the file from various locations. It is a quick method for exchanging enormous files over the internet.

Generally, torrenting relies significantly on the community. When a user attempts to obtain a file using a torrent, they rely on Seeders, who are individuals who have left their files to seed. This suggests that torrent-reading software can register the files and then download various torrent users’ portions of the file.

Seeding is a crucial aspect of the culture of torrenting, as it is essentially a means of contributing to the crowdsourcing of the necessary bandwidth and the various file components. Once all the parts have been downloaded, BitTorrent File Distribution System software assembles them so the file can be utilised as intended.

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Share information about torrenting’s lawful status

Illegal activity is affiliated with torrenting. Remove the stigma and discuss all the lawful uses of torrents by businesses to attract more individuals.

Share your torrents with others

There is no greater day than today to give back to the community by seeding your torrent files. Keep your files accessible so that more people can use them.

Obtain software through torrents.

Utilize torrents to obtain software such as Linux. Maintain the torrent files and download as many as you require today.

Five facts about torrents that will astound you

Torrent users who do not distribute are known as leechers.

People who only obtain torrents without seeding them are known as leechers because they only take and do not contribute.

A group of torrents is known as a swarm.

A group of uploaders, seeders, and leechers is known as a “swarm.”

Popular files receive more quickly

Popular files typically have numerous seeders, making them simpler to download.

There is a possibility of malware.

A large portion of torrenting is predicated on trust, and it is very simple for malicious actors to insert malware into torrent files.

They are utilised by software firms

When it comes to file sharing, sometimes using torrents is faster and easier, so corporations like Linux torrent their software.


Year Date Day
2023 March 30 Thursday
2024 March 30 Saturday
2025 March 30 Sunday
2026 March 30 Monday
2027 March 30 Tuesday


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