Travel hack when Uber is too expensive: Hyderabad man uses Zomato to get free ride home!

After failing to book a ride home, because fares were too high at Uber, a Hyderabad man used an innovative approach to reach his destination and scored praises on social media. Obesh Komirisetty, used a food-delivery app to reach his place.

In a Facebook post, shared on August 7, 2019, Komirisetty revealed that while he was at Inorbit more at 11:50 pm, he failed to book a cab due to high fare price. “I opened Uber app but ride fares were high it’s around 300 Rs and also I am little hungry. I just opened Zomato and searched for food shops around me, I found one Dosa Bandi near me and ordered Egg Dosa,” Komirisetty shared the hack.

“The delivery boy came and he was going to pickup my order at Dosa Bandi. So I called him and said this is my order, I asked him to drop me in the delivery location. So he dropped me along with order at my room.”

According to Komirisetty, the delivery person and the end of the journey requested him give 5 star rating, a request he agreed to.

The story went viral on Friday and was even responded to, by the official handle of Zomato itself. The food aggregator app tweeted ”Modern problems require modern solutions” and along with a GIF.

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