UAE: Woman miraculously wakes up after 27 years in coma

UAE: Woman miraculously wakes up after 27 years in coma

A woman from the United Arab Emirates wakes up after spending 27 years in coma. The woman named Munira Abdulla was 32 years old when she suffered a severe brain injury after the car in which she was present was hit by a bus in 1991.

Following rehabilitation in Germany last year, the woman began to make noises and tried to call out to son Omar after she heard him arguing in her hospital room.

She uttered his son’s name in the first time in decades and now she is able to offer prayers and hold conversations with her loved ones.

Her son Omar revealed how miraculously her mother recovered in an Interview and he described the feeling of joy when she began speaking again.

Describing the accident, he said that he was only 4 years old when her mother came to pick him from school because there were no buses available. Ms. Abdulla’s brother in law drove her to school to pick Omar and while the family was driving back home, they were hit by the bus.

The mother and the kid were sitting in the back seat. After they were hit, Ms. Abdulla covered herself around his son to protect him from getting hurt. While she suffered a head injury, his son escaped the accident with some minor bruises.

He also described how his mother was not treated for hours because they couldn’t call for help and later she was transferred to a clinic in London.

The doctor diagnosed a vegetative state in which she was left unresponsive but could feel pain. She was transferred to UAE and was put on ventilator, feeding tube to keep her alive. For the next few decades, she was hooked up to the machines.

She was even flown to Germany where she underwent surgeries to repair muscles while being given medication to improve her sleep patterns.

Around a year later she began making strange sounds and three days after she called out to Omar with his name.

A medical report issued from Mafraq Hospital last month says that she is ‘currently able to communicate with self and surrounding in a very reasonable manner especially in familiar situations.’

The report further adds that she still needs regular physiotherapy to treat issues with her muscles.

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