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Uma Bharti offers to go on hunger strike as no truce in Cauvery dispute

Union Minister Uma Bharti has offered to ‘go on a hunger strike if there is any problem in either Karnataka or Tamil Nadu’, after the government failed to broker a solution to the Cauvery water dispute.

Uma Bharti, who is the Water Resources Minister, was asked by the Supreme Court to hold a mediation session today between the governments of the neighbouring states.

Bharti said in a briefing that all the concerns and objections raised by both the States during the meeting would be placed verbatim before the Supreme Court tonight. “A solution could not be achieved outside the court and it is for the Supreme Court to take a decision now,” said the BJP leader.

Tamil Nadu, according to the Union Minister, rejected a suggestion by Karnataka to constitute an expert committee to ascertain the quantity of water available in the Cauvery basin. Thursday’s meeting was attended by Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and a Tamil Nadu minister who, represented J Jayalalithaa, as the Chief Minister is in hospital.

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