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United States of America: No more an ideal of democracy

"The evolution of man is the hope of the state."

By Ashraf Nehal
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The crucial and mandatory aspect of a democracy is not only the mandate of the people, but rather the universal acceptance to that mandate. Democracy’s ultimate result is the very point it begins from – man, but in it’s evolution it should be accommodative of the whole interest of man. The narrow mishandling of man is where democracy starts turning into a rot and the current episode of the attack on Capitol Hill by Trump supporters stands a perfect example to it. This attack isn’t only a political disturbance but rather a decaying process of democracy that was taking place underneath the four years of misinformation and propaganda.

Democracy in America can be referred to as slightly original. The American democracy is a civil composite, which is the combined result of Roman, Celtic and Teutonic ideas. It is a practical affair. It’s evolution hails from a series of political adjustments, which for the rest of the world is a very new phenomena and hence completely attributed to America’s credit. However along with the leisure of the twenty-first century what has also made its way in the United States democracy is its political convulsions.

The armed Trump supporters storming the Capitol Hill and clashing with the police to leaving notes for Nancy Pelosi projected an undermined yet significant fact for the world to consider and that is – the consequences when dictators are voted to power. This comes as an epic failure from the most supremely democraticac country of the world. The United States in the process of gifting democracy to the world didn’t give due attention to the loopholes cracking within and proved that by electing a thuggish, noxious person to the highest seat of authority and it’s not shocking to see that with these loopholes the United States invited anarchy and chaos, which Trump supporters have made extensively visible for the rest of the world to see.

The most powerful democracy of the world failed in addressing the disasters of voting a fascist to power, irrespective of several available examples which clearly hints that a fascist won’t relinquish without flourishing violence. It also comes as a catastrophe to the speculators who were vocal against the studied liberal silence and designed a thought process, that voting Trump was the only possible way to ‘Make America great again’. Perhaps, this internal political disturbance has hit America worst than the 9/11 because this time the challenge is not from a foreign land breeding terrorism but an inland preaching terror.

The irony that lies in this episode, arises from the very history of the United States policing and propagating the democratic principles over stretches of countries in the Asian and African subcontinents and the chaos that the American administration had once created in Iraq, Libya, Vietnam etc. have today moved inwards to show this chaotic picture of America to the world. The United States could gain control of any temple of democracy in the world and bring in destruction via democracy but unfortunately couldn’t resist this line of rioters and marauders from instilling the erroneous impacts of democracy in the most powerful country’s most secure and guarded area.

It is interesting to note that – Donald Trump is the first president in the history of the United States to have served in no public capacity before entering the White House. He belittles experts, seems to lack the most basic grasp of public policy, and loves to indulge the worst whims of his supporters. From the personal as well political spectrum Plato’s disdainful description of the “democratic man” perfectly fits the 45th president like a glove: Given to “false and braggart words and opinions,” he considers “insolence ‘good breeding,’ license ‘liberty,’ prodigality ‘magnificence,’ and shamelessness ‘manly spirit.’ ” Perhaps it is no shock to have it all coming from a figure like Trump and in no way he stands a close comparison with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi whose political as well as power holding experience accounts to more than a decade or two.

The pivotal and critical takeaway lesson that the American rile delivers to the world is – considering that the chaos is only going to last till the time the dictators are in power. In the case of America the electoral process of power transfer couldn’t go smoothly or in a constitutional fashion only out of the stains of the last regime. Trump had himself made it clear that if he didn’t win, there would be riots and irrespective of the democratic US election results a democratically elected President of the world’s most powerful democracy made it crystal clear that, “he would not accept defeat”. Violence and Trump are good pals to each other and America has prescribed in history about the blunder that it created by voting Trump to power. In a blunt manner, this is the occasion when the second world democracies can preach America what is a better version of democracy because America now has utterly lost that status.

The above views are author’s own.

Ashraf Nehal is currently a student of Delhi University pursuing English Literature who has a keen inclination on the subjects of National and International Policy and Politics.