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Vellore Lok Sabha poll results LIVE UPDATES: After 13th round of counting, DMK leads by 19,228 votes

The counting of the votes for Vellore Constituency in Tamil Nadu began today at about 8AM at a centre set up on the premises of an engineering college. The constituency has 14.32 lakh voters spread in six Assembly segments and 71.51 percent votes were polled.

The poll to the Vellore Lok Sabha seat, originally scheduled to be held in April alongside some other seats in Tamil Nadu, was canceled following tax raids here and cash seizures.

Of the 28 candidates who contested the polls held on August 5, the main contest is between AC Shanmugam of the AIADMK and DM Kathir Anand of the DMK.


02:30 AM | After 13th round of counting, DMK leads by 19,228 votes

Cumulative votes at the end of 13th round, DMK – 3,47,274; AIADMK- 3,28,046.

12:45 PM | Trends seem to juggling; DMK leads by a margin of 17,000 vote

DMK Kathir Anand: 352,156 votes
AIADMK A C Shanmugam: 334,958 votes
NT Deepalakshmi: 18,782 votes

11:20 AM | Vote count after fifth round shows AIADMK leading by 9,215 votes

AIADMK- 1, 34,593

11:10 AM | AIADMK leads by 10,717 votes at the end of fourth round.

AIADMK continues to lead the battle even after the fourth round of vote count.

11:00 AM | Third round results for Vellore Lok Sabha constituency

DMK – 25082 AIADMK – 26212

10:30 AM | Vote count after second round shows AIADMK leading by 5,386 votes

DMK- 24,928
AIADMK- 29,401

Cummulative votes: DMK-49,734, AIDMK- 55,120

10:15 AM | Neck to neck race; AIADMK leads with thin margin

AIADMK A C Shanmugam: 54,744 votes
DMK Kathir Anand: 47,670 votes

10:00 AM | Constituency wise results after 1st round of counting

Vellore: DMK – 6,087, AIADMK-3,229
Anicut: DMK – 3899, AIADMK-3,768
KV Kuppam: DMK- 32,37, AIADMK- 4,154
Gudiyatham: DMK- 3,301, AIADMK- 5,184
Vaniyambadi: DMK- 4,288, AIADMK- 4,978
Ambur: DMK- 3,994, AIADMK- 4,406

DMK- 24,806, AIADMK- 25,719; AIADMK leads by 913 votes.

09:30 AM | DMK leads by 1,545 votes 

09:00 AM | Counting of vote begins

Counting of votes for the Vellore Lok Sabha constituency began at 8 am on Friday

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