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Viral Facebook post reminds of existing religious harmony in India

By Vanshika Garg
Published on :
“Our politicians are failing to divide us”, runs a Facebook post slamming politicians over communal riots
Source: Rise For India

India has faced unforgettable communal riots both before and after its independence. Amid the many communal riots comes a Facebook post originally written by Meghna Athwani who, while iterating her experience of sharing a cab with religiously-different people, slams all the political parties for their continuous efforts to instigate religious tensions among the civilians.

The Facebook post, which has been shared by an account naming Vinu Mathew, is going viral all over the social media for its emotional yet strong message that reminds the politicians of existing religious unity and harmony among Indians.

In the post, writer has shared her experience of sharing a cab with a Muslim man, cab driver, and a small girl accompanied by her mother. The writer tell that the innocent girl was curious to see the Muslim boy wearing the white cap in the evening. Minor asked her mother the reason why the fellow was wearing the cab when it was not even sunny, to which mother gave an amazing answer which has become a wide-spread message to India today.

To the question, mother replied, “Have you not seen me covering my head with a dupatta, whenever I visit the temple? Or when some elder guests come to our house? Or when I have to touch the feet of your grandparents? It is a sign of respect or to pay our regards, my child.”

The girl wasn’t quite convinced. She came up with another question, “But who is this bhaiya paying respect to? There is no temple here. He is not touching the feet of anyone. Neither is anyone so big in age sitting in this car. So, who is he trying to give his regards to?”

Adding to our surprise, girl’s mother gave another astonishing answer say, “His parents have taught him to respect everyone he meets and to pay them his regards. Just like I teach you to say Namaste to guests.”

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The calm and progressive gesture expressed by the mother is eye-opening for the politicians who have been allegedly trying to divide the nation. The writer further slammed the politicians by saying, “If this is what the common man thinks about people around him, if this is what people are actually teaching their children, then our politicians are failing at dividing us. All the orthodox idiots are failing in disturbing the secular fabric of this nation.”