Watch: Man saves passenger from slipping under running train in Agra
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Watch: Man saves passenger from slipping under running train in Agra

Agra: Extreme presence of mind and prompt action by a man helped in saving a life. The man saved the life of a passenger on Thursday when the latter was at the brink of coming under a running train.

The incident happened at around noon time when a 34-year-old man, named Suresh, attempted to board the running Ernakulam-bound Mangala Lakshadweep Express.

The victim was identified as Suresh. While attempting to get in to the train, he was seen to be dragging near the entrance of a sleeper coach of the train. Rajesh Sharma, who was buying water at the station, saw Suresh, dragged with the moving train and rushed to save him from slipping under train.

The 46-year-old, Rajesh, who is a driver by profession said, “It happened all of a sudden. I was about to go for lunch and went to the platform to buy a water bottle. Suddenly I saw a man dragging along the train, he was holding the iron bar of the entrance. I quickly ran towards him and boarded the coach of running train in order to hold the victim’s arm, ensuring that he does not fell under-wheels no matter what happens,” as quoted by TOI.

The survivor Suresh, received minor bruises and after the first aid was provided to him, he was boarded to the next train to Morena. “Won’t repeat such mistake ever of boarding a running train,” Suresh said.

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