WATCH: Nagpur locals form human chain as a protest to stop beautification of Futala lake
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WATCH: Nagpur locals form human chain as a protest to stop beautification of Futala lake

Citizens, wildlife experts, NEERI scientists, environmentalists, NGOs, schools & college students gathered today at the Futala Lake to form a human chain at Nagpur. This has been done as part of a protest to stop the beautification of Futala Lake that will spark issues if reconstructed.

The protest has been staged under the 5 months campaign ‘Save Bharat Van.’ The five-month-long campaign is against a proposed 500-meter road plan which is based on a 19 years old plan for beautification of the lake named Futala near Bharat Van.

For the beautification, projects like convention hall in Futala’s catchment area, musical fountain show, viewers gallery and construction of a sports complex near Nagpur University have been proposed and that would damage the city’s environment.

According to this plan, the proposed plan was to be constructed through this green patch, which is among one of the green patch surviving in the city. The patch consists of hundred-year-old trees and the majority of the indigenous species.

However, the authorities’ claims that they will compensate by planting a similar amount of flora somewhere else. But according to Prarthana Paunikar (Member of NGO Arranya environmental organization) green patches can’t be developed in months of years, it requires decades for developing a proper ecology.

Bharat van is home to near about 1500 species of plants and animals especially 122 species of birds and 22 peacocks are said to be present there. However, the locals and the NGO’s associated think that authorities can plan an alternative road plan and for the beautification of the lakefront.

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