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Watch No Go Tell: A short film about ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’

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Malayalam actor Nivin Pauly’s latest short film, No Go Tell, directed by Jude Anthany Joseph teaches kids the difference between good touch and bad touch.
The six-minute-long video creates awareness among children about the possibility of being sexually assaulted and what has to be done in such situations.
In the film, actor Nivin Pauly walks into kids who are playing in the park. The kids run towards the popular actor and stare at him open-mouthed. He then asks the kids if they like him, and everyone responded yes. He then goes on to ask them if he were to ask something of them if they would do it. Kids responded that they will only do if it is good. Following this, the actor educates children about good touch and bad touch.

Then, the actor talks about the four parts of the body, lips, chest, buttocks and between the legs, which no else should be allowed to touch. The actor advised children not to allow anyone except parents to touch these body parts.
He teaches three safety measures which should be followed when any kind of danger happened to the body. First one is to shout ‘NO’, Second thing is to ‘Go’ away and the third thing is to ‘Tell’ about the incident to parents or people whom can be trusted. The actor also advised that every child should have at least 5 trusted adults. The actor also requested children not to blindly trust strangers and he further ensured that if anything happens to a child, the society, police and child helpline will help them.
“Children are a priceless gift from God and our best hope for the future.Every child has the right to be in a safe environment, to be protected from harm and danger and most importantly, to never be exploited. Child sexual abuse is one of the biggest threats faced by our society today. Every day we read reports of such cruelty happening to children, from strangers and even from family. These sickening reports are heartbreaking,” Nivin Pauly said in a Facebook statement.
The short film was produced by Bodhini Metropolis Charitable Trust and supported by Muthoot Pappachan Foundation.