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Young children use physics to learn about tools: Study

London: Children learning to use tools are genuinely learning about physical causation, not just driven by what action previously led to a treat, a new study has claimed. “This suggests that, remarkably, children begin to emphasise information about physics over information about previous rewards from as young as seven years[Read More…]

Dental care may curb obesity in children

Worried about your child’s obesity problems? It’s high time you curbed his love for sugary drinks and junk food. A little focus on dental care may also prevent your child gaining excess weight, says a new study. The study found a direct relationship between poor dental health leading to a[Read More…]

UP: Tail of lizard found in meal led 90 students to fall sick in Mirzapur school

UP: Tail of lizard found in meal led 90 students to fall sick in Mirzapur school

Around 90 students fell sick in Uttar Pradesh’s Mirzapur district after consuming the contaminated meal. Initially, they complained of abdominal pain and vomiting after eating following which they were admitted to the Vindhyachal health center. Around 45 students’ condition turned serious and they were referred to another hospital. “Some students[Read More…]

Action video games may cause Alzheimer

Action video games may cause Alzheimer

Did you know that playing action video games may cause a loss of episodic memory and spatial navigation which in turn will increase the risk of developing brain disorders such as depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease? The findings showed that habitual players of action video games had a reduction[Read More…]

1800 schools in Delhi shut due to smog

Around 1800 primary schools in New Delhi have been shut on Saturday, as the national capital’s pollution level becomes more harmful. The decision affects around 9 lakh children studying at schools run by the municipality. “All municipal schools under the three corporations will be closed on Saturday due to the[Read More…]

Nearly 500 dead, food running out in Aleppo: UN chief

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has said that the air strikes on rebel-held eastern Aleppo has caused nearly 500 deaths and food rations expected to run out by the end of the month in the city. The air strikes launched on September 22 have been the most sustained and intensive bombardments[Read More…]

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