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Watch: Northeast girl asks stereotypical questions to Mainland India

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India is an inherently racist country. Every one of us has faced some form of discrimination when traveling to a part of the country we don’t call native. But, racial attacks against people from the Northeast have been on the rise in the last few years.

According to reports, 86% of north-eastern residents in Delhi face racial violence in many different forms, with 41% of these cases being sexual violence on women.
A latest video, posted by Miss Imsong on Youtube, is asking the stereotypical questions that Northeasterners often face from their mainland companions.
The video starts with the comedian saying, “oh, you are from the North West. I also have a friend from North West .Her name is Pinky Singh, do you know her?”; people from the Northeast are asked numerous similar questions about some “friend from the Northeast” in the assumption that the northeast is a tiny place wherein everybody knows everybody.
In one of the scenes, the comedian is struggling to pronounce the north Indian name ‘Mukesh Kejriwal’. So, she shortened the name as ‘Mu’ without any consent, a jibe on how North-eastern names are shortened by mainland Indians on the grounds that their names are difficult to pronounce.
The final scene is a take on the ignorance and confusion of many when it comes to the states and capitals of the eight states. The comedian deliberately mistakes the capital of Madhya Pradesh, and keeps on trying her luck until Google helps out.
This satirical video is receiving great appreciation and has more than 33k views in the last two days.
Watch the video here: