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Weekly Horoscope August 14 to August 20: Find Out The Astrological Predictions of This Week!

This is a weekly horoscope from astrologer Aries Pandit Manish Sharma for the week of August 14 to August 20, 2023.

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Weekly Horoscope: The horoscope for this week will tell you what to expect in terms of your relationships, love, and career. With the use of astrological information on what the future holds for your zodiac sign, you may effectively plan your future. You have come to the right page if you have been having trouble finding solutions to these questions. This is a weekly horoscope from astrologer Aries Pandit Manish Sharma for the week of August 14 to August 20, 2023.

Weekly Horoscope of Aries

Beginning of the week problems will arise, and your revenue may drop. This week, there may be a rise in family disputes, but by the middle of the week, you should be able to escape difficulties. There can be disagreements with the family and your income will be reduced. From Tuesday night, issues will be under control. Beginning on Wednesday, there will be less pressure, and difficulties can be resolved with the assistance of friends. From Thursday through the weekend, time will work in your favour. The effort of the government will be successful. There may be a chance for a gain in wealth by this week’s conclusion.


This week, your mental lapse will come to an end. Taurus people will be employed, and their financial situation will also get better. Brotherly collaboration will be present. Thursday and Wednesday may still have issues. Your income will be hindered, and family members can betray you. The stalled work will go more quickly, and you’ll succeed in settling the conflicts. The day will be comfortable and there may be enjoyment on Saturday. Estrangement from the relationship and potential delays in marriage proposals are inevitable in matters of love.

Gemini: Weekly Horoscope

In every way, time is working in your favour, but your fear of the unknown will persist. There will also be opposition. Mon and Tue will see an increase in income. Work will go well, and cooperation will also be possible. You’ll have more problems with subordinates on Wednesday and Thursday. You might need to perform unpleasant tasks. Ideological differences may exist inside the family. In terms of finances, Venus and Saturday will not be strong. Workplace obstacles can occur. There will be too much rage. Plans may go awry. Reduced income issues are another possibility.


Monday and Tuesday’s lunar transit will be fortunate. Although there will be a good money influx, the competitors will still be active. Wednesday and Thursday are excellent days for travel, and there will be visitors. The days will also be beneficial on Friday and Saturday. You’ll be successful in what you do. The long-term strategies will succeed. will encounter notable people. will have the whole backing of his brothers. In the case of love, the partner will have less stress and the life partner will be happier.

 Weekly Horoscope of Leo

You’ll have a difficult time on Monday and Tuesday due to the Twelfth Moon. Your income will decline, and work challenges will arise. There will be no cooperation, as expected. Starting on Wednesday, you’ll get hired based on your qualifications and see a boost in your pay. On Thursday and Friday, the blocked work will go quickly, and the adversaries will lose. The work will be hampered on Saturday, but the issues will go. The weekend should be fantastic.


On Monday and Tuesday, the eleventh lunar beginning will be favourable. The economy will improve, and work will move quickly. Additionally, money will be spent on success and fame. The delight of children will bring you joy. Thursday and Wednesday may still have issues. Additionally, your revenue will decline. There will be no cooperation, as expected. From Friday, time will be on your side, and issues will be handled. Additionally, cooperation is welcomed. Your ideal day will be Saturday.

Libra: Weekly Horoscope

There will be an abundance of work, and parents will cooperate. The acquisition of new employment will also occur. On Wednesday, there is a risk of travel. On Thursday and Friday, there will be extra work for monetary benefit. It can be a concern on Friday and Saturday. Keep yourself healthy and steer clear of issues. There will be strain and needless expenditures. Being mindful of your health is important. When two people are in love, they split ways.

Weekly Horoscope (July 10-16): Aries, Release Emotional Baggage and Embrace Renewal


This week, you won’t feel like working. This week’s problems will come to an end, and supremacy will rise. Additionally, your rage will grow. The barriers to earning will disappear. You will gain from touch, and the entire week is free of any potential problems. Weekends can and will be special for you. We’ll do your work on schedule. Your adversaries will be able to overcome you and their long-standing schemes will succeed. When it comes to love, disagreements with the spouse will be resolved, and the life partner will receive assistance.

Weekly Horoscope of Sagittarius

Beginning the week well can benefit you. The eighth moon may result in lower earnings on Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday will bring more trouble. Time will become better starting on Wednesday. Both your revenue and the strength of your position in disagreements will rise. You’ll have a fantastic day on Thursday. Every endeavour will be successful, and luck will also be on your side. Tension with the life mate is a possibility when it comes to love.

Capricorn: Weekly Horoscope

There can be concerns and unexplained apprehension at the start of the week. On Monday and Tuesday, it will be easier to reconnect with old pals and there will be more money coming in. The work will be finished quickly, and cooperation will be granted. will receive backing from others. On Wednesday and Thursday, there will be additional opportunities for conflict and stress. There can be a disagreement about the property. There will be opposition. At work, there will be challenges. The best days will be on Friday and Saturday. will have to meet friends, and costs will be lower. Your income will improve, and you’ll also get credit for your collaboration.


Children bring enjoyment, and you’ll have a nice time. Income will be typical on Monday and Tuesday, but the future will be worrying. Weekends might bring about new issues. Avoid disputes and avoid attempting to persuade others. Legal issues can be challenging.


This week, your thinking will be down. Not even at home will you feel like it. Tuesday and Monday can be good times. Children will support you, and you’ll be lucky. Both the income and on-time completion of the work will improve. The car will make you happy. will get the opportunity to meet notable personalities and tour sacred sites.