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Why applying primer before make-up is important!

By Siddharth Gupta
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Why applying primer before make-up is important!
Source: Reader's Digest

Currently, we are seeing the surge of make-up products which till a decade we had no idea existed. Some have been invented recently for protecting skin and also to increase the longevity of the makeup. A lot of make-up artists are swearing by primers, which we hear are pretty essential before applying make-up. There are a lot of primers in the market, including for lips and eye-makeup as well. But it is always essential to check your skin type before buying a primer.

We give you reasons as to why you must not apply makeup without applying make-up first.

1) If you want your make-up/foundation for over 12 hours your primer will help achieve it. Primers help in prolonging the wear of the foundations.

2) Since air-brushing is in vogue, Primers help In achieving in that look coupled with any regular foundation.

3) If your skin has open pores, acne, wrinkles Primers will help in covering that. A good silicon/gel based primer will help smooth out all the imperfections.

4) If your skin is prone to break-outs, a branded primer will reduce the chances of breakouts due to applying make-up. It helps as a barrier between your skin and makeup and also helps from makeup clogging your pores.

5) If you still think your primer isn’t working, it is probably cause you are not wearing the right kind of primer. A dry skin needs a primer that hydrates and oily/combination skin need primer that will act as a barrier to grease build- up.

6) Before you buy a primer, do a bit of research if it can mix well with your foundation. A silicon-based primer will not give the best of results if you are using a water-based foundation. Your makeup will tend to slide off your face. So before you throw make-up products in the cart, check if they match with each other.

7) For eye makeup, primers are a total must. Not only do primers, but it will also help in giving you the desired effect for your eye makeup. Eye primers will have a long wear and waterproof feature to them, so applying them before any eyeshadow will give you an even and smooth eyelid, with a matte finish.

8) If you experience that your eye-shadows/eye-makeups break at the crease of your eyes, eye primer will help avoid that.

9) We all face the issues when it comes to picking the proper lip-liners for our lipsticks. Instead of investing in a lip-liner for every lipstick that you own, you can just use a lip primer. It totally works and helps save you money on buying lipliners.

Nowadays, a lot of cosmetics come in with built-in primers as well. For eg, there are several foundations that are made with primers. Same goes for lip preppers or primers. Ensure you try the products before you apply them. It is always essential to know what type of skin you have so you choose the right products. Avoid buying over the counter primers and instead indulge in a branded product. If you are going for a function or a party, it is always advised to have a make-up trial before the d-day to know if the make-up products suit you! Happy make-uping!

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