Woman founds engagement ring to be fake, considers break up

Woman finds engagement ring fake, considers break up

Engagement is the happiest occasion for a couple but it didn’t turn that happy for a couple. The bride to be is now considering breaking up after she found out the ring was fake.

The woman went ahead and got her ring checked from a jeweler but found out that it was made with cubic zirconium that is an imitation diamond. The fake jewel upset her so much that now she is considering breaking up her entire relationship.

An anonymous woman wrote to a columnist seeking advice if she should break up. She wrote, “I was truly embarrassed.” When she confronted her fiancé he told her that it is not a big deal. He also said that getting a real diamond would have cost him a fortune and got a fake ring. He mentioned that the ring looks real and doesn’t make much difference. She was upset about being lied and is now considering breaking up.

“Having your engagement ring turn out to be a fake is not exactly the way you want to start a life together.” She also mentioned that the man wanting to believe her that the ring was real is a problem. It is not materialistic to have a real ring but having an assumption that the ring is real is a problem. In fact, the to-be-husband gave her assumption that it was a real ring, nothing wrong with it.

Other women said that it’s okay to have a fake ring while others said that she was too high maintenance to make an issue out of it.

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