World Elephant Day 2019: Theme, significance and history of the day

World Elephant Day 2019: Theme, significance and history of the day

Every year on August 12, World Elephant Day is celebrated and its aim is to inform people and organization about the threat that an elephant faces. Elephants are on the verge of extension.

The reason behind the poor condition of elephants is not only poaching and habitat loss but also due to people being unaware of the threats elephants and other animals faces.

On World Elephant Day, let’s check out history and significance of the day

History of World Elephant Day

On 12 August 2012, the first international Elephant Day was celebrated. Since then, it is observed annually and this day is dedicated to the huge animal protection and preservation.

This day makes people understand the need for better protection for wild animals, elephants and also to improve the illegal poaching and trade of ivory, better treatment of captive elephants.

Significance of the day

On World Elephant Day the best way is to educate yourself and others about this magnificent animal that is an elephant. It is necessary to raise issues that these animals’ faces and social media are the best platforms for this.

People watch a documentary on elephants as this make you realize about the wildlife and about the animals that they face which can be an eye-opener. Also, they donate on this day to a foundation dedicated to protecting elephants from poachers or relocating them to locations better suited their needs.

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