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10 New Year resolution ideas that will bring a major change in YOU!

By Radha Mishra
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As the year 2016 is just about to end, you must be wondering about an easy, attainable yet constructive New Year resolution. So, if you are still puzzled and yet to make you mind; we are here to help you out. Thank us later!

We all know that when it comes to making New Year resolutions, it’s always easier said than done. But there’s no harm with starting off a year with great optimism, self-love and expanding our own horizons.

So here we bring you some of the easy, fun yet worthy New Year resolutions that will be fruitful in the long run and bring a major change in you. Pick your one or all now:
1. Turn your boring Sundays into a fun one: We only live once right? After a hectic week, our brain and body both need treats to rejuvenate. So let’s take a pelage that we will make our Sundays of the New Year fun with doing something entirely different from the routine. Trust me; you will only feel more productive and full of life.

2. Self-improvement: This should be a major goal of everyone’s life. Knowledge is infinite and we know it. So why not give some time to self and find out where we lack and then improve it. We live in a highly competitive world where there is no place for any weakness. So why to keep one?

3. Learn a new skill: Isn’t it’s been too long that you were planning to join that dance class? Or learning that new language is still in the ‘to do’ list only no? Well, this is time to do it people. No more delays!

4. Reading! Literally, reading and not just buying fancy books in the name of reading: Just buying those fancy books in the name of reading is just not enough guys. You also need to open it on some occasions and read it. In fact, let’s make a habit of reading at least 30 minutes just before going to bed. What say?

5. Healthy living: A healthy living is the need of the hour as diseases linked to lifestyle are escalating each day. Even small habits like eating lots of fruits and veggies and drinking more and more water will bring a massive change in your life. So start it now folks.

6. Use your time wisely: Spending hours on social media is just a waste of time. I am not saying to stop using it but at least fix a proper time for it and do other productive stuff as well. There are lots more to your life than just social media. So explore other ways too.

7. Walk for at least 20 minutes a day: I don’t think it’s a big deal. And if you can’t take out 20 minutes from your extremely busy routine to walk few miles, just stand up from your chair while you are on a call. Simple!

8. Indulge yourself with different activities: Just working on computers for long hours is not enough. You also need to indulge yourself in different activities. And if not much, try to do your own chores or at least cook your own meal. Just move your body buddy!
9. Become friends with nature: No you don’t need to go to a hilly area for that, a nearby garden will do the same job. But walk on the green grasses bared foot or around the trees. It will help you in many ways. You can also explore all gardens in your city one by one. It will be cheaper and refreshing. Give it a try!

10. Become more confident: You don’t need a companion or friend to be with you all the time. Try to explore life alone, it will indeed make you much more confident than you can imagine!


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