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10 Things To Pack While Your Are Planning For Trekking

One of the most important things in your bag is a water bottle. Most of us won't forget to pack them because they are so important.

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10 Things To Pack While Your Are Planning For Trekking

10 Things To Pack While Your Are Planning For Trekking: Already making plans to go trekking? What’s another reason for the fact that the New Year is coming up soon? A lot of us will be planning to go camping or hiking in the new year. Most of the time, many people like high mountains with great views. Imagine being in the middle of nowhere, with nothing around you, and finding out that you’re missing something very important. That imagination does seem pretty bad. But don’t worry, we’ll take care of you! We’ve put together a list of things you should bring on a hike. You can print this list out and use it again later.

10 Things To Pack While Your Are Planning For Trekking

Trekking Checklist Water or Thermos Bottle

One of the most important things in your bag is a water bottle. Most of us won’t forget to pack them because they are so important. But it still deserves to be at the top of our list. You can bring a thermos with you to take hot water along with your water bottle. It will be easier for you if you bring at least two water bottles or thermoses with you.

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Food for snacking

Bring some small snacks with you. Bring healthy snacks like energy bars, nuts, and dried veggies. Also, try to stay away from things that need to be cooked. Get some healthy spreads and bread or buns. You could also bring energy drinks or tea bags with you to get some energy right away.

A headlamp or an LED torch

When hiking, it’s important to have a light source. You’ll be able to see the right way to set up your tent when the sun goes down. In particular, lights are better because you can use them without using your hands. They’re also small and simple to use.

Coats and covers for the rain

Bring a jacket with you just in case. When you go hiking, it’s better to bring a jacket than an umbrella. Also, we have to do this because we don’t know what the weather will be like up in the mountains. Don’t forget that your bag also needs a rain cover.

Things for the bathroom

You should put your toiletries in a plastic bag or a bag that won’t leak. Bring tissues, shampoo, lip balm, wipes, and hand sanitizer with you. Also, when you’re packing skin care items, try to bring products that do two things at once, like sunscreen and lotion. Also, try to bring an extra bag to put trash in.

Serving ware

Bring your own cutlery set with you when you travel. Bring spoons, mugs, and small plates with you. Bring a small lunch or snack box with you to store extras. Also, don’t bring plastic spoons or anything else that won’t break down on your trip. Don’t throw away trash; instead, keep it in a different bag. And finally, don’t skimp on cleanliness. That’s why it’s best to bring your own cutlery.

First Aid Kit

When you go on a trip like this, you have to bring a first aid kit. Remember to bring paracetamol, vomistop (a tablet for sickness), and any other normal medicines you have with you. Bring along some extra things like bandages, volini spray, and a small paper roll. If something goes wrong, you can also carry ORS.

Trekking Stick

You need to bring a hiking or trekking pole with you if you’re going on a hike with slippery rocks or streams to cross. In a safe way, these poles or sticks help you walk. Also, you have to use these in places with rough terrain. So, learn a little about where you’re going before you buy your trekking poles.

Clothes and shoes

Bring a few sets of easy clothes that will work for the weather where you’re going. Bring clothes and coats with long sleeves if possible. Don’t forget to bring blankets and towels with them either. Additionally, hiking shoes that fit well are also on this list. If you need to, bring extra shoes and don’t forget extra socks.

Tech gadgets

Bring a fully charged phone and camera (if you have one). Don’t forget to bring extra batteries, a power bank, and memory cards.

How Should You Pack Your Bag?

As you begin to pack your bag, put the heavy things you will need less often at the bottom. So, your shoes and sleep blankets will be at the bottom. In the middle, put some light things like clothes and snacks. Put things you’ll need often, like water bottles, on top. There may also be side pockets and zippered sections on your bag. Fill it out carefully by putting in cash and IDs.