12 year old Pune boy Haaziq Kazi designs ship to save marine life

12 year old Pune boy Haaziq Kazi designs ship to save marine life

Haaziq Kazi, a 12-year boy from Pune is helping the environment by taking up an initiative to save marine life. He has designed a ship named “ERVIS” that will help in reducing pollution in the ocean.

The structure of the ship has a saucer in its base that will help to suck out the plastic or other waste from the ocean.

“While marine life and water are sent back to the ocean, the waste is segregated into 5 more parts – oil, large waste, medium waste, small waste and micro waste. These 5 wastes go to the chambers, but before that, we take a small bit from everything, so that we can analyze it because we don’t know a lot about the waste that pollutes our oceans.” told Haaziq Kazi.

Kazi also told that he got the idea to create this ship back when he was 9 years old through the documentaries he used to watch. The documentaries helped them to know about the dangerous plastic pollution and its ill effects on human and marine life.

“I hope ERVIS becomes a reality, so that I can do my part in making the Earth a greener place; so that this generation and the next generation can have a better place to live in,” said Kazi.

Kazi has presented his ideas on many international platforms and has been praised on his efforts of making the ship. He is also working on various forums to create awareness among people about plastic pollution and ways to curb it.

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