17-year-old Tripura boy defeats disability, writes secondary exams with his feet

17-year-old Tripura boy defeats disability, writes secondary exams with his feet

It is that time of year when students are indulged in preparing for their secondary and higher secondary examinations. To inspire and motivate their children, parents would be reminding them how children to whom life have hit hard, study and prepare for their examinations.

While those highly inspirational children leave their problems and disabilities behind and instead, they work hard to achieve their target.

A 17-year-old Tripura boy Pralaya Dey, who is differently abled and is appearing for his secondary board exams which he will be writing with his feet instead of his hands.

Pralaya was born with both his hands twisted behind his body in an unaccountable way. He has grown up with small hands with even smaller wrists with one finger on each hand. His mother fainted when she first saw her while his father thought that he would grow up to be weak and helpless.

Source: The Indian Express

But as soon as he started growing up, his mother who worked as Anganwadi helper started to teach him and she found that Pralaya was a quick learner. She said, “As a growing child, it must have been tough for him. So, I decided not to leave him at any child care home rather, took care of him by myself. Today, I am confident I was right.”

By the time Pralaya was 3 years old, he started writing English and Bengali alphabets with his feet. English came easier to him and now he has developed a talent for it as he can also paint extremely well with his feet.

As a result of all his hard work, Pralaya scores a whopping 80 per cent in his selection exams and now he’ll be appearing for his secondary board exams.

Pralaya couldn’t write on benches which led Badal Chakraborty, the headmaster of Chandrapur Higher Secondary School to arrange a special invigilator and a wooden platform for him to sit and write on.

The headmaster said, “His pace of writing and intellect is worth mentioning. I stood behind him on the first day of his secondary examination for 30 minutes and saw him write.”

He continued, “This student may be challenged but he is brilliant and beats his condition with courage and success.”

Pralaya practice writing with his feet at least two hours a day. He said, “I feel no shortcoming. My mother and teachers have taught me well. I am trying to give my best. I practice writing with my feet at least two hours a day. I am comfortable writing with my feet.”

17-year-old Tripura boy defeats disability, writes secondary exams with his feet

The miraculous boy has won several state and national awards in painting and also likes to indulge in a little singing. His vision is clear as he dreams of becoming a professor of English and he wants to take up Humanities.

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