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5 Amazing Things You Can Do with a Pen on Windows 11

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5 Amazing Things You Can Do with a Pen on Windows 11

5 Amazing Things You Can Do with a Pen on Windows 11: One major advantage of owning a fantastic Windows 11 tablet or Windows convertible. Pen input may be supported by some of these devices, including the Lenovo Yoga and HP Spectre. It’s always the Surface Pen for Surface devices, and a Wacom EMR pen or an AES pen for other devices. Even though it isn’t advised, you can use a typical capacitive stylus to simulate using your fingers.

Without a doubt, pens and styluses are helpful for taking notes and drawing, but did you know that the Windows 11 operating system also has some inking-related tricks up its sleeve? I find myself loving five characteristics in particular practically every day.

5 Amazing Things You Can Do with a Pen on Windows 11

1. single Microsoft Whiteboard

The inking programme in Windows 11 is excellent, and no, I’m not referring about Microsoft OneNote. Like a traditional whiteboard, Microsoft Whiteboard works. It comes pre-installed with Windows and provides you with a collaborative virtual inking environment. All types of pens, capacitive styli, and even your finger operate with it.

Similar to how you would in person, you may invite someone to your Whiteboard and work on a project with them. The programme offers a variety of pen types as well as practical tools like a ruler, sticky notes, and others. You may even input documents, photos, fancy writing, and shapes. When I’m in a press conference or at a meeting, I utilise Whiteboard as my notebook. It is incredibly enjoyable to use and provides a big blank canvas.

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2. Keyboard for writing

The handwritten keyboard follows, which is also a feature of Windows 11. I frequently call this keyboard if I’m sick of typing on my computer so I can scribble stuff and have Windows translate it. And yes, fingers as well as various sorts of pens work with this.

Although it is not obvious where it is, you may activate it by right-clicking the taskbar, selecting Taskbar settings, and setting Touch keyboard to Always. From this point, choose Handwriting by selecting the settings icon, touch keyboard, and touch keyboard icon. Instead of typing, you can now convert your handwriting into text whenever you want. ​

3. Using the buttons on your pen as shortcuts: 5 Amazing Things You Can Do with a Pen on Windows 11

Assigning shortcuts to the pen’s buttons is possible with the third option, but it’s only compatible with Bluetooth-enabled pens. On my Surface Laptop Studio with my Surface Pen, I find myself utilising it frequently. You may customise what the shortcut buttons perform by going to Bluetooth & devices and selecting Pen & Windows Ink.

Double-clicking a button, for instance, might launch Sticky Notes or screen snipping, two apps you would want to use fast. Additionally, you may alter what a single click and pressing and holding the button accomplish. You can even utilise Microsoft PowerPoint’s top pen button to progress slides when in a slideshow if you decide to Allow programmes to override the shortcut button behaviour. Amazing, isn’t that?

4. Including preferred drawing applications in the pen menu

Once you’ve attached a pen to your Windows 11 device, you’ll notice that whenever you first touch the screen with it, a pen menu will appear. You are not constrained to the apps you see there, which is one of these amazing features. Your preferred drawing app may be added to the list by tapping the pen menu, selecting settings, and then selecting edit pen menu. From that point on, getting started with the inking is even simpler.

5. Make use of your pen as a mouse:5 Amazing Things You Can Do with a Pen on Windows 11

The last one might seem simple, but you can sketch or take notes without using a mouse if you’re already holding your pen in your hand. Your pen itself is a mouse!

It only takes a few clicks to choose Pen & Windows Ink under Bluetooth & devices. Go to the Additional pen settings section of this settings menu and choose When it’s accessible, let me use my pen as a mouse. When I’m taking notes and don’t want to go down to my trackpad, this is a tremendous time saver.


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