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Agastya Chauhan Death: Pro Rider dies in Zx10R 1000 bike accident

According to the reports, the well-known YouTuber and renowned motorcyclist perished in a tragic accident.

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Agastya Chauhan Death: Pro Rider dies in Zx10R 1000 bike accident

Agastya Chauhan Death: We are deeply saddened to report the death of social media influencer and YouTuber Pro Rider 1000 alias Agastya Chauhan. According to the reports, the well-known YouTuber and renowned motorcyclist perished in a tragic accident.

Agastya Chauhan was well-known for his superbike-themed Vlogs. He had amassed a substantial fan base on YouTube, where he had over 1.2 million subscribers. Since the news of Agastya Chauhan’s demise broke, people have expressed their sorrow and condolences on social media. But some are also curious about the circumstances surrounding Agastya Chauhan’s mortality. What were the circumstances surrounding the tragedy of Agastya Chauhan? After learning of Agastya Chauhan’s demise, many Internet users have posed numerous inquiries. However, we came up with this article after conducting extensive research on this news. You should continue reading this page until its conclusion.

What Happened To Agastya Chauhan?

The shock waves emanated from Aligarh, where YouTuber Agastya Chauhan was killed in a motorcycle race on the Yamuna Motorway. The occurrence occurred on Wednesday, May 3, 2023. In addition, the incident occurred on the Yamuna Motorway at 47 Mile near the Tappal police station while Agastya Chauhan was riding his superbike from Agra to New Delhi.

The tragedy occurred while the YouTuber was attempting to reach 300 kilometres per hour on his ZX10R Ninja Superbike, according to reports from the scene. However, Agastya Chauhan had never driven his motorbike at 300 kmph; this was his first time doing so. Due to the bike’s frantic pace, the YouTuber unfortunately lost control and crashed into the divider.

Video of the Pro Rider Agastya Chauhan’s Fatal Crash

Agastya Chauhan reportedly wrecked his motorbike just before reaching 30 kilometres per hour. He collided with the median on the Yamuna Motorway. However, the YouTuber was wearing the helmet during the accident, but it shattered into fragments. On the spot, Agastya Chauhan was declared deceased. He cannot receive the emergency assistance. He incurred fatal head injuries during the accident. After the collision, his environs were splattered with blood.

A person stated that while everyone was discussing the speed of the motorbike, he was riding at 300 km/h to determine its maximum speed. Obviously, this is an ancient video of his. Also, I observed numerous individuals attaching other videos of bicycle accidents involving crashes into the divider and claiming that it was him. According to his family and sources, it was a case of hit-and-run.

In terms of his personal life, Pro Rider 1000 alias Agastya Chauhan was a resident of Dehradun, Uttarakhand. He gained widespread notoriety for making videos while cycling. He was an accomplished videographer of bicycles. Agastya Chauhan last uploaded a video to YouTube 16 hours ago. Agastya Chauhan urges his pals in the video to meet him in New Delhi. However, YouTuber always included a disclaimer and cautioned his viewers to obey traffic laws, take all safety precautions, and not drive too rapidly.

Pro Rider 1000 Professional Rider Agastya Chauhan Died in a Crash

According to sources, Agastya Chauhan was travelling to New Delhi to compete in a motorcycle racing competition. On Yamuna Motorway in Aligarh, he perished because he was unable to reach his destination in a secure manner. A social media user stated, “May God grant this young man’s soul a home in his feet! Grant the family the fortitude to surmount this tragedy! Om Shanti. This is an unfortunate event. In India, the request for youths to travel at such speeds is extremely dangerous.”

The authorities responded and conducted a preliminary investigation at the scene. In addition, the YouTuber’s cadaver has been sent for an autopsy. However, the authorities have yet to declare the collision’s actual cause. The tragedy that resulted in a fatality is still under investigation, and officers are examining the circumstances to determine what transpired. Everything we currently know about the accident’s circumstances comes from unofficial and unverified sources. The official report on the circumstances surrounding Agastya Chauhan’s accident has not yet been released.

The authorities have filed a complaint against Agastya at the Clement Town police station for driving recklessly and performing antics, resulting in the seizure of his motorbike. Our condolences are extended to the family of YouTuber Agstya Chauhan.