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Andaman and Nicobar Islands: American killed by a protected Sentinelese tribe

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Andaman and Nicobar Islands: American killed at the hands of Sentinelese, a protected tribe of Andaman
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Port Blair: John Allen Chau, an American national, was allegedly killed by the Sentinelese tribe of South Andaman. The tourist was shot with arrows by the members of the tribe on his adventure trip to the Andaman Islands.

Reportedly, the seven fishermen who facilitated the American’s trip have been arrested and were booked under the Protection of Aboriginal Tribes act and various sections of the IPC(Indian Penal Code).

Government says American tourist Chau ‘missing, presumed dead’

According to the reports, Chau tried reaching the island inhabited by Sentinelese first on November 14, but he failed in that attempt. Two days later, he gave it another go. This time despite receiving arrows from the tribesmen he continued his walk. The fishermen saw the tribesmen dragging his body with a rope they had tied across his body.

The fishermen were scared off, the next day they returned a body was seen lying on the seashore.

Body of American citizen John Chau “killed by Sentinelese tribe” missing

Sentinelese are indigenous people belonging to the North Sentinel Island in the Andaman Islands of India. Sentinelese have over the time kept very limited contact to the outside world. They solely survive on hunting and are estimated to have a population in the range of 30-500.

On November 14, late evening, John along with seven others began the adventure journey. On November 15, John solely went to the shore in a kayak. 2 days later, the fishermen found a dead body buried there.
After knowing the situation, Alexander informed one of John’s friend who then passed on the information to his mother.

The American national had entered the island with the intention of preaching Christianity to the uncontacted tribe of North Sentinel Island.