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Assam: Fed up woman kills husband, walks to police with broken head

In an appalling incident, a woman from Lakhimpur who was fed up with the domestic abuse she has to go through every day beheaded her husband and walked to the police station carrying the broken head on Tuesday night.

The woman identified as Guneswari Borkotoky surrendered before the police and admitted that she was abused regularly by her alcoholic husband and she killed him in a fit of rage.

She told the police “My husband came back home in a drunk state and assaulted me. I had no choice other than to kill him.”

Police said that on Tuesday night, the woman’s husband, Mudhiram Borkotoky had repeatedly abused and attacked her. The woman then lost her temper and killed him, with a knife. The police added the woman later wrapped the severed head in a plastic bag and walked 5 KM to the Dholpur police station.

The 48-year old woman who is a mother of five children said “ he often used to come home drunk and abused me. I had been putting up with this for years. On Tuesday night as well, he came home drunk and tried to kill me, so I had to retaliate. If I had to kill him, he would have killed me.”

The woman was sent to judicial custody by a local court on Wednesday.

Man beheads his wife and walks to court with her head in a bag


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